Calling ALL Multi-Line Telephone System Owners

Did you know that in February of 2020 that Kari’s law went into effect nationally?   Kari’s Law requires all multi-line telephone system (MLTS) owners to program their systems so that a user can dial “9-1-1” to reach emergency services without having to dial “9” or some other number first.  Multi-line telephone systems are typically found in office buildings, hotels, hospitals, airports, etc.   In addition to Kari’s Law, is Ray Baum’s Act that requires that street address of the calling party, plus additional information such as suite, apartment or similar information also known as “dispatchable location” to be conveyed via the telephone system when calling 9-1-1.   If you are an owner of a MLTS and have not yet made these changes, please review the links provided below and ensure that your system complies.

FCC on Kari’s Law & Ray Baum’s Act

National 911 Office on Kari’s Law & Ray Baum’s Act

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